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Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET)

NAET is a non-invasive, drug free, and natural solution to alleviate allergies of all types and intensities. This method is painless and can be used safely on anyone, even newborn infants and the elderly. NAET can also be used as preventive healthcare to treat healthy individuals with hidden, subclinical allergies that may lead to illness in the future.

What is an allergy?

An allergy is a condition of unusual sensitivity to one or more substances. The immune system views the allergen as a threat to the body’s well-being, so when contact is made with the allergen the immune system causes the body to over-react. Allergies vary in degree and type- a person can have food, environmental, emotional or chemical allergy that can be severe, moderate, or minor. An allergic response manifests in each person differently. One person may develop a skin rash while another person suffers from a headache or joint pain. Regardless of severity, contact with the allergen over time diminishes the body’s immune function. When the immune system is weakened the body is susceptible to disease and illness.

How does it work?

NAET promotes health by its ability to regulate immune function, improve nutrient absorption and assimilation, decrease inflammation, regulate hormonal pathways, and harmonize the brain and body. NAET treatments relieve allergy symptoms, but more importantly allow the immune system to function optimally. Once the immune system is restored, the body is better equipped to fight off infection and disease.
In addition to eliminating allergies, NAET can also help people with complex health issues, mysterious symptoms, mind-body disharmonies, and stubborn ailments that haven’t responded to conventional therapies. We have successfully treated thousands of patients with various, complex conditions and symptoms.
NAET utilizes an applied kinesiology technique called neuromuscular sensitivity testing (NST) to check the body’s reaction to a substance. This system identifies a person’s allergies and imbalances. Acupressure is used to stimulate points along the spine from the neck to the sacrum while the patient is holding the allergen.

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