See how NAET has impacted clients’ lives 

NAET and Deedra have changed my life

“Deedra​ rescued me from bottoming out in ‘Western ​M​ed​ication ​Syndrome’ with my asthma, allergies & arthritis, but ​most of all with​ my a​sty​ma that I’ve had for over 25 years, ever since High School. I went from using inhalers & allergy meds twice per day every day, ​to not need to ​use my inhalers in over 2 1/2 years! My joints no longer bother me and I am off all prescription medication. I have been an ER and Pediatric RN for 21 years and have never felt better!​ NAET and Deedra have​ changed my life and given me newfound wellness without medications.”

– Caroline, RN​

After fourteen years of avoidance to milk, my daughter was finally free!

“For fourteen years, my daughter had to avoid milk/milk products like the plague. When she was a baby she had an anaphylactic reaction to milk where 911 had to be called! It was the most frightening experience for my whole family. Shortly after this incident, she was diagnosed with severe food allergies to milk, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts. Every year we would take her to the allergist and they would do blood work to test her for these allergies. She outgrew the egg allergy but that was it. We were told that most kids grow out of a milk allergy by age five. They also told us that she will have the nut allergies for life. Unfortunately for my daughter, she still tested very positive for her allergy to milk every single year. The numbers actually went down a few times with her blood work results so they challenged her in the allergist’s office with milk. Sadly, her skin reacted with hives and her tongue began to itch when they put a drop on her tongue. Needless to say, the challenge had to be stopped and they immediately gave her Benadryl. So even though the numbers on the paper were low, her reaction was high. This was very discouraging to us. It broke my heart to see my daughter not be able to participate in eating treats like the other kids at school, a party, or even when we went out to eat out at restaurants or theme parks.

Deedra was recommended to us by two different people a few years ago. One of my mom’s friends and one of my friends. I decided to give NAET a try with Deedra even though it’s a long drive for us, (an hour each way) since she came so highly recommended as my friend’s daughter was ceased of her allergies and my friend URGED me to take my daughter.

​After the first appointment, we learned my daughter had more allergies than we thought. So she was treated for several allergies we didn’t know about through months until her immune system was strong enough to treat the milk allergy. After four treatments, my daughter’s milk allergy was cleared. My husband and I couldn’t believe it!! In fact, I think my daughter was in disbelief too. My whole family was surprised. After fourteen years of complete avoidance to milk, my daughter was finally free! Now she is able to eat and drink milk products without life threatening consequences. I am so grateful and thankful that we were referred to Deedra!! I tell everyone I know that suffers with allergies to go see Deedra if they want relief.  You’ll never know unless you try it.

P.S. My daughter was treated and cleared of the nut allergies too, but she does not want to consume them.” – Maria Bailey,

​A relieved mom from Murrieta, CA

Deedra was able to help clear my daughter's pneumonia

“I was first introduced to Deedra after my daughter was diagnosed with Celiac.  She had been experiencing stomach aches since starting a new school and after going away for the weekend and her not being able to eat, we took her the ER.  Blood test after blood test and a biopsy finally confirmed she had Celiac disease.  We changed her diet cutting out all of the gluten and the stomach aches got better but her stomach would still hurt.  After talking with a friend about my daughter’s situation, she told me about Deedra and NAET.  We decided to give it a try.  We worked with Deedra to clear her gluten allergy and consequent blood tests have shown the positive result.  She is back to eating a normal diet and is so thankful she doesn’t have to miss out on the birthday treats at school.  We continue to see Deedra, but not because of the Celiac disease, but because she has helped us with so many other things.  Turns out my daughter also had a dairy allergy which we suspected but could never pinpoint.  She also has anxiety issues and worries a lot often causing stomach aches and a stuffy nose.  Working with Deedra has not only been helpful to my daughter physically, but Deedra is also someone who my daughter feels like she can talk to.

Seeing the positive results of working with Deedra, I started bringing my other daughter to see her.  She struggled with pneumonia and was on antibiotics that just never seemed to clear up the issue.  Deedra was able to help clear my daughter’s pneumonia, finally getting her off antibiotics.  I also noticed that my daughter was low on energy and it turns out that we needed to do some work with iron. 

The answers Deedra finds when questioning the girls for anything that is going on always helps in one way or another.  I honestly don’t know where I would be without her!  There are days when I wish I could do what she does so I too can help out as many people as she does.” ​

​- Amy Mitchell

No more terrible debilitating migraines!

“When Deedra came into our business, my husband asked her what she did for work. When she told him that she was in the healing business, he asked, “Can you get rid of my wife’s migraines?” She said, “I sure can!” My first treatment was right in our office! Deedra surprised me and made the terrible debilitating migraines go away. I am so happy with the results, I tell everyone – especially fellow migraine sufferers – and point them her way hoping they too will find relief.” – Sunny

She was easy to understand walking through the steps of my healing.

“In 2012 I struggled with food intolerances that were so severe that a boiled chicken or a handful of raw spinach would send me to the bathroom within twenty minutes, and I would look like I was four months pregnant. I had just been accepted to grad school and feared that this would impede my ability to be in the classroom or meet new friends as I was unable to eat out, drink alcohol, and I was exhausted constantly.

I sought out care from my primary care physician who attempted to prescribe me antidepressants (it was a new trial drug that they were testing for IBS), and I thought, ‘He cares about his speedboat more than he cares that my daily life is severely impacted by these symptoms.’ My boyfriend’s mom was seeing Deedra at the time and she recommended for me to go see her. Not only was I impressed with her bedside manner and her knowledge about the human body and its connected functions, but she was also easy to understand as she walked me through the steps of my gut healing.

It was a long road to gaining control of my gut, but I was able to leave for grad school 6 months after beginning treatment with her with the confidence that I would be able to get through the program. I felt improvement within days of each treatment and I was even able to eat frozen yogurt without taking enzymes and without any symptoms. In my perspective, she is the best alternative option to taking medication and she asks you to do some self-evaluation of your lifestyle, stresses, etc. that you may not have analyzed without her guidance.” – Jen N., DC

Deedra and N.A.E.T. have allowed me to be in remission from Crohn's when no other treatments have worked.

“I have had Crohn’s Disease since I was four years old. I have tried every traditional medication and diet created for my auto-immune disease with not much relief. Deedra and N.A.E.T. have allowed me to be in remission from Crohn’s when no other treatments have worked. I have seen Deedra numerous times over the past three years and each time I see much improvement. I will continue to recommend her to friends, family, and strangers. I truly believe in her work.”

– Brianne Walker, R.N.

I no longer stress about having stomach pain or panic attacks.

“I was suffering from panic and anxiety attacks, which began in my late teens. I was also experiencing severe abdominal pain. I had been to the ER and consulted my doctors frequently about these symptoms. I had never had a problem with anxiety or panic previously, so I refused to take any of the medicine the doctors prescribed me. In regards to my abdominal issues, the doctors could only come up with ‘random swelling’, but had no explanation of why. I then started going to Deedra, who had been treating my sisters for their stomach and thyroid issues. They mentioned to me the treatments were changing their lives. After receiving a few treatments, I began to feel so much better. I first noticed how much better my stomach was – no more bloating or swelling, no more fatigue, no more feeling sick all the time. My panic and anxiety shortly went away after my stomach improved. I no longer stress about having stomach pain or if I’m going to have a panic attack – all thanks to the treatments from Deedra.” – Jon D. 

She was able to put my Ulcerative Colitis into remission!

“A couple of years ago I was admitted to the hospital, and underwent a multitude of tests including a Colonoscopy. My Gastroenterologist diagnosed me  with Ulcerative Colitis. I was  experiencing heavy bleeding, which would keep me from being able to go to work, I was miserable. Upon my discharge I was given nine different, expensive medications which did not help me, if anything they were making me worse. My next option was to start taking a couple of steroids which I would need for the rest of my life. I became fed up with the abundance of doctors and medications, and the lack of improvement and still unable to work, exercise or function normally. This is when I decided to set up a consultation with Deedra. After only a few sessions, she was able to put my Ulcerative Colitis into remission!  I have been in remission for over two years now, and I am back to work. Better yet, I am back on my bike enjoying my 100 mile weekend bike rides, and my life!” ​- Mike

I feel healthier and happier than I have in years

“I was referred to Deedra Rynkofs about six months ago by a friend. I had been sick on and off for a long time with asthma, allergies, and respiratory issues. All the medicine and inhalers were ineffective in helping me. My friend told me about N.A.E.T. and gave me some information to read about it. I called Deedra and immediately felt at ease with her. I made an appointment for a consultation and initial testing and was amazed at how accurate her readings were. She came up with a plan for me and I completed a series of treatments. I am so happy to say that I haven’t taken any medicine or used any inhalers in over a year.  I feel healthier and happier than I have in years, and I owe it all to Deedra and N.A.E.T.” – Ann-Marie Hulse

She is dedicated, knowledgeable, honest, and kind.

“My youngest daughter has suffered from extreme hives, tummy problems, and respiratory issues for as long as I can remember. Her symptoms improved slightly by making her diet 100% gluten-free, but as her mom, I knew there were other issues. We visited doctor after doctor who would all tell me that she was fine and she didn’t have ANY allergies – but I knew different being her mom (a mother’s instinct is a strong and real thing). All they wanted to do was throw medicine at her, and I wasted hundreds of dollars trying to make her feel good (or at least better).  I knew she needed help and I needed answers.

​After exhausting every doctor and having blood test after blood test, I decided to email Deedra. Our lives will never be the same!! That decision has literally CHANGED our lives! We learned that she had numerous issues including but not limited to- Gluten, Sugar, Amino Acids, Salt, etc.  I am THRILLED to report that after a couple of months with Deedra, my daughter is eating whatever she wishes (within reason, of course) with ZERO REACTIONS!  No tummy aches, no hives, and no rest because she’s in pain.  She’s a NEW KID!  Best of all, she feels like a “normal” kid now and I am forever grateful. What a beautiful thing to have a non-medicated healthy child….

I witnessed the changes and started seeing Deedra for myself as well. She is dedicated, knowledgeable, honest, and kind. Give yourself the gift of better health! If you’re experiencing issues (physically or emotionally) go see what she has to say, it may just change your life!”

​- N.P.

My daughter has been off her seizure medication for over a year now.

“I approached Deedra because my daughter was having unexplained seizures and was diagnosed with Epilepsy. As a NAET Practitioner, Deedra helped us with clean eating, anxiety issues, and NAET treatments. The results were amazing as my daughter started to go periods of time without seizures until they no longer occurred, and she has been off her seizure medication for almost a year now. One thing I liked was Deedra’s ability to get to the heart of the underlying issue for the physical symptoms. I found the experience to be amazing as it was so helpful and brought my entire family healing and peace. I would recommend NAET to people who are suffering from unexplained health problems and want to find a natural cure that really works.”

– Kristine J.

It has been over a year since my daughters last sinus infection!

“My eight-year-old daughter suffered from chronic sinus infections for several years. She was on endless antibiotics to the point that she was referred to the Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist through our health care provider. After her first consultation, she was a candidate for sinus surgery. With the hope of “curing” her from this relentless discomfort, we decided to take the next step. Unfortunately, our hope was short-lived after she continued to get sinus infections and constant nasal congestion even after surgery.

At last, a friend (who had told me about Deedra in the past) finally convinced me to make an appointment for an alternative solution with Deedra. I was open to anything at this point.

After three short visits, Deedra cleared Makayla of several allergies. She started feeling better within a couple of weeks. It has been over a year since her last appointment and she has had ZERO congestion and sinus infections. She is literally like a new child. Thank you Deedra!!”

– Natalie ​

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